Khaddi is a lightweight, versatile fabric that is easy to carry and maintain. Mahatma Gandhi made hand-weaving clothing popular in the Swadeshi movement in which Khaddi was used.

Now, Khaddi is having a fashionable comeback again and Khaddi banarasi sarees are gaining popularity. A blend of Indian artistry and heritage, Khaddi banarasi sarees with extensive use of zari and their captivating, gorgeous colours are highly appreciated by women. After having this, any woman will feel like a queen.

The finest weaving methods from the city of Banaras are expertly used to create this work of art. Being both comfortable and opulent, Khaddi-banarasi is a wonderful combination. 

What is Khaddi?

Khaddi is a hand-spun and -woven natural fibre fabric, which is lightweight and extremely versatile. Although cotton alone is typically used to weave Khaddi. However, the use of other materials, such as silk and wool, is increasing due to the increasing demand for distinct types. However, any silk or wool Khaddi outfit will still include some cotton.

How was Khaddi first put to use?

Khaddi was promoted by Mahatma Gandhi for the freedom movement in the Indian subcontinent. In the Sabarmati Ashram between 1917 and 1918, the first piece of hand-woven fabric was manufactured. Gandhi ji gave the fabric the name "Khaddi" because of its coarseness.  

The fabric is primarily made of cotton, although it may also contain silk or wool, both of which are spun into yarn on a charkha. It is a multipurpose fabric that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

It is largely acknowledged in several fashion circles. Dhoti, kurta, and handwoven sarees like Banarasi sarees are now common garments made from Khaddi fabric.

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How is the Khaddi banarasi saree made?

On spinning wheels known as charkhas, raw materials like cotton or silk are spun into threads to form Khaddi. When the yarn has been spun, it is coiled into reels and given to weavers, who use it to construct a cloth. Air pockets are produced as a result of the yarn's weaving, helping one to maintain a comfortable body temperature year-round.

Khaddi silk is made by using 50-50% silk and cotton. It is generally more expensive than cotton Khaddi and requires dry cleaning. However, cotton Khaddi requires proper starching to maintain its crisp texture. These types are usually used to make various outfits but usually sarees.

Khaddi Banarasi sarees are woven using the Banarasi weaving technique. embellished and given added flair with embroidery and printed, or hand-painted floral and animal designs. These sarees are available in multiple hues for different events.

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Fascinating Khaddi Banarasi sarees perfect for any occasion

Everyone is looking for a unique outfit to make a style statement at the events they are attending. A Khaddi banarasi saree can help you at this point. This traditional handloom is just infallible! 

With its resistance to press wrinkles, this kind not only offers affordability but also a high-quality fabric that can last for years without degrading. This fabric subtly adds a touch of elegance to every outfit. Banarasi Khaddi saree fashion never ceases to fascinate, despite changing fashion trends. 

If you’re finalizing a Khaddi banarasi saree for a wedding or event, you must consider the time of the event as it is a crucial factor in determining your looks. For a night event, stick to peach, cream, and pale pastel colours banarasi like powder blue or mint green. Opt for bright peachy tones, vibrant pinks, or flaming sunset oranges/reds/yellows during the daytime ceremony.

These are just ideas, you can opt for whatever suits you or what you like.

What should you keep in mind while purchasing a Khaddi Banarasi saree?

It's important to have the following in mind when buying a Khaddi Banarasi saree:

  • Be sure to examine the saree's design and fabric quality. A high-quality Khaddi Banarasi saree should feel soft and smooth (slightly coarse in cotton Khaddi) and have a tight, even weave.
  • Make sure the saree you buy is made of genuine Khaddi, a cotton or silk fabric that is hand-spun and hand-woven. Sarees crafted from synthetic fibres or machine-made imitations should be avoided.
  • Banarasi sarees are renowned for their elaborate designs and stunning hues. Find a saree with a pattern and colour that you enjoy and will wear frequently.
  • The cost of Khaddi Banarasi sarees varies according to the fabric's quality and craftsmanship, however, cheaper than pure silk sarees. You can make sure to examine the costs offered by various merchants and bear in mind that a higher price does not always imply a saree of superior calibre.
  • Before making your purchase, make sure to enquire about the cleaning and maintenance recommendations for Khaddi banarasi sarees.

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Final Thoughts

Looking for something different to stun your friends at a party or while attending a formal event? Khaddi Banarasi saree can be your go-to choice. It's light, comfortable, and comes in multiple hues that can perfectly match the vibe of the event. 

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