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Banarasi sarees have found a place in the heart of the new-age women. The Banarasi weave is our nation's pride and a part of its heritage. Among its diverse types is the Satin Silk saree. Satin silk sarees are made using the glossiest and most elegant fabric. The material's shine is incomparable, giving the wearer a gorgeously ethereal look. The lustrous and shiny fabric is a brilliant combination of satin and silk. Satin silk sarees are widely adored and worn across the country and make for a perfect pick for weddings, celebratory gatherings, festive celebrations, and other events. Albeli is a celebrated satin silk saree manufacturer in Varanasi. Since 1990, we have been serving and setting quality benchmarks.
At Albeli, we sell Satin Silk sarees that have a smooth, shiny, and soft touch. The glossy surface of these delicacies is what attracts the eye. It is so spellbinding and mesmerising that it is hard to keep your eyes off.

Albeli's Glorious Legacy In Satin Silk Saree Manufacturing

Among countless satin silk saree manufacturers across the country, Albeli is a prestigious name. We are one of the oldest fashion houses in the industry. Up and running since 1990, we have established a dignified reputation for ourselves. We house the most exquisite and exceptional collections of Satin Silk sarees, among many others. With a significant focus on quality, all our products and fabrics are synonymous with purity, quality and class. Authenticity is yet another reason why people across the country swear by our quality.

Albeli remains a celebrated name even after several decades. Even after more than 30 years of legacy, the quality culture instilled during the company's inception remains intact. We are proud to have carved an eminent name for ourselves as a manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier.

What Makes People Choose Albeli For Satin Silk Saree Manufacturing?

Rich and everlasting legacy of 30 years.

Unmatched quality standards in terms of fabrics and finished goods.

Skilled artisans and weavers.

Native weaving techniques.

Passionate and driven team.

Close-knit and valuable business relationships.

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Satin Silk Saree Precaution and Care - Know From The Albeli Experts

Here are a few pointers that should be considered while caring for a satin silk saree.

Satin silk sarees should never be exposed to sunlight directly.

Do not directly iron your satin silk saree. There should be a layer between the fabric and iron. Consider ironing from the backside to get rid of wrinkles and creases.

Do not wash your satin silk saree at home by hand or machine. Always get them dry-cleaned.

How Are Satin Silk Sarees Manufactured At Albeli?

Satin Silk sarees at Albeli are manufactured by skilled and experienced artisans who belong to a family of weavers and workmen. They are well-versed in native and traditional weaving techniques. Every saree produced by them speaks volumes of the passion and dedication they work. The pure artisanship that is evident in every piece is applause-worthy.

Speaking of the manufacturing process, here are the simple steps.


Satin Silk sarees are woven with pure silk yarn. They come in various qualities and ranges; hence, the right one must be found.


The next step is processing the yarn and dyeing it in the desired colour.


Once dried, the yarns are wound on a reel and fed into the handloom to start the weaving process.


The designs for the saree are drawn on normal paper and then copied on graph paper.


The designs are hand-punched on stencil or jacquard cards so they can be embroidered on the fabric.


The last step is the warp and weft process, which has the jacquard cards attached to the machine.

Reasons To Buy a Satin Silk Saree

  • These delicacies' glossy surface is why they are chosen for weddings, festivals and other formal functions. The rich and shiny appeal is genuinely charming and adds an eye-catching element to the overall appearance.
  • Another reason that makes these draperies a wardrobe mainstay is their durability. Besides being glossy and shiny, they are made from a durable material that can be kept as new as ever for years.
  • The fabric is wrinkle-resistant. The thicker the material, the lesser chances of wrinkling.
  • Satin silk sarees reflect light which is why they come off as shiny and are chosen for formal events when one wants to look proper.


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The most significant advantage of buying a Satin Silk saree from a satin banarasi saree manufacturer is the wide variety one can choose from. There are many options for colours, designs, textures and styles. Hence, they serve as a one-stop-shop solution. Albeli is an esteemable manufacturer and wholesaler in Varanasi.

A pure handloom Satin Silk saree is made of pure silk threads and satin. These sarees have a glossy surface and come off as shiny.

Pure Satin Silk sarees are manufactured in Varanasi. If you seek a celebrated satin silk saree manufacturer, Albeli is an ideal choice. Renowned manufacturers and wholesalers in the area.


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