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Suits are among those comfortable, beautiful, chic Indian attires that never go out of style. These gorgeous suits are of diverse kinds. Indian women have been adorning themselves in these relaxed yet elegant attires for the longest time. One of the suit types that has found a place in the hearts of new-age women is the Banarasi Organza Silk suit. These lovely dresses come in various colors, prints, and designs. The stunning overall look of a Banarasi Organza Silk suit cannot be matched. The shine and exquisiteness of these delicacies are what make them special. So, if you seek a trusted banarasi organza silk suits manufacturer with a prestigious legacy, choose Albeli.

Albeli’s 30-Year-Long Legacy in Banarasi Organza Silk Suit Manufacturing

The profound love for the Banarasi weave, its types, and its heritage has become the foundation for the brand that Albeli is today. Albeli stands as the best banarasi organza silk suits manufacturer for its premium quality fabrics, unique and exceptionally beautiful designs, and timeless pieces. Our founders, Mr. Sharad Nawalgaria and Mr. Samir Nawalgaria have put their hearts and soul into making the brand what it is today. We employ skilled artisans, top-grade fabrics, and raw materials to offer our valued customers the best of the Banarasi weave. Each product manufactured by us is meticulously manufactured. One can appreciate the sheer craftsmanship in every suit offered by us. Our superior quality of Banarasi Organza Silk suits alone makes us the best banarasi organza silk suits dealer in the Varanasi area.

Why You Must Have a Banarasi Organza Silk Suit in Your Closet?

These gorgeous suits showcase exceptionally beautiful gold and zari work that make them perfect for various functions.

A pure Banarasi Organza Silk suit is a timeless investment that you will make. Such suits can be styled in diverse ways.

Organza Silk suits are the perfect combination of style and ethnicity. The Banarasi weave looks exquisite on the stiffness of Organza.

Banarasi Organza Silk suits are so enriching and tasteful that they get passed down generation after generation.

Native Weaving Technique For Manufacturing Banarasi Organza Silk Suits

The process for preparing pure Organza is slightly different than other fabrics. Our skilled artisans follow the following steps for manufacturing pure Organza Silk suits:

  • Filament yarns are twisted tightly in opposite directions, so they naturally cling to each other. These filaments are nothing but long and continuous strands of pure silk.
  • To create the stiffness of Organza, these twisted yarns are combed and treated with acid. Stiffness is a character trait of Organza.
  • After treatment with acid, the twisted yarns are spun into fabric and woven using a plain weave technique.
  • The last step is weaving the suit using the same technique so that the staple stiffness of Organza is maintained.

What Makes Albeli the Best Banarasi Organza Silk Suit Manufacturer?

A Glorious Legacy of 30 Years

Unmatched Fabric and Product Quality

Long and Cherished Business Relationships

Polite and Professional Staff

Responsive Customer Services

Unparalleled Variety

We Would Be Happy To Answer Your Queries

One of the biggest advantages of buying directly from a banarasi organza silk suits wholesaler or manufacturer is the variety one can enjoy. Customers can choose various colors, prints, designs, textures, and types. There is no need to search at different stores or brands. In addition, there is also the advantage of fair prices.

Pure Organza Silk suits are made using silk yarns twisted tightly, combed, and treated with acid.

The best and pure Organza Banarasi suits are manufactured in Varanasi. You can buy them from Albeli, a trusted banarasi organza silk suits material manufacturer.


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