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Banarasi sarees are those Indian attires that will remain a wardrobe mainstay for years and ages. These sarees are not garments; they are a delicacy, a feeling! Something about the beauty of a Banarasi saree cannot be missed. The undeniable elegance it adds to any overall look is magnificent. Since Banarasi sarees are available in various styles and types, everyone has a preference.

One such type is the Banarasi Linen Silk saree. Such sarees are lightweight and easy to drape. They are the embodiment of elegance and charm. So, if you are seeking good and pure linen sarees manufacturers, Albeli is the best in Varanasi.

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Albeli’s Heritage In Banarasi Linen Silk Saree Manufacturing

Since 1990, Albeli has remained a respected name in the Indian fashion industry. For over three decades, we have been serving and contributing to the fashion industry as industry leaders.

The brand came into existence in 1990 when our founders, Mr. Sharad Nawalgaria and Mr. Samir Nawagaria, realised their love for Indian textiles. Since then, they have been making efforts to keep the regal Banarasi heritage alive.

As a prestigious Banarasi sarees manufacturer and wholesaler, we house the most beautiful and distinctive Banarasi saree designs. Our fabric quality alone makes us a celebrated linen banarasi saree manufacturer.

albeli saree shop
albeli saree shop

Albeli’s Alluring Range Of Banarasi Linen Silk Sarees

Banarasi Linen Silk sarees are lightweight, airy and breathable. They are easy to drape and wear for long hours. We at Albeli offer an aesthetic range of these sarees that define comfort and style.

You can find alluring designs, textures, styles and colours. Add the perfect amalgamation of style and convenience to your wardrobe. Now you do not need to sacrifice comfort or ethnicity. The Banarasi design on the Linen Silk is here to provide you with both.

What Sets Albeli Apart As The Best Banarasi Linen Silk Saree Manufacturer?

A glorious legacy and heritage of three decades.

Competitive prices.

Unparalleled fabric quality.

Close-knit and valuable business relationships.

Unique and tasteful collections of Banarasi Linen Silk sarees.

Native weaving techniques and skilled weavers and artisans.

Our Process Of Manufacturing Banarasi Linen Silk Saree

We at Albeli follow a simple manufacturing process for producing magnificent Banarasi Linen Silk saree. The steps of the process are mentioned as follows:

Finding the right yarn

Banarasi Linen Silk sarees are woven using pure silk yarn. The first step of the manufacturing process begins with finding the right yarn.

Dyeing of yarn

Once the yarn is picked, it is processed by the dyer and dyed into the colour of choice.

Yarn reeling

Dried yarn is wound on reels and set on the handloom for weaving.

Saree designing

The desired designs are drawn on normal paper. These are then copied on graph paper.

Stencil creation

To copy the design on the fabric, hand-punching of graph paper design is done.


The last step is the warp and weft process. Designs are attached to the machine using jacquard cards.

Reasons To Buy A Banarasi Linen Silk Saree

  • Linen Silk is a breathable fabric. It is comfortable and suitable for summer.
  • Banarasi Linen Silk saree is a perfect combination of comfort and style. You can look royal while also being comfortable.
  • Banarasi Linen Silk saree offers widespread versatility to the wearer. They can be styled in various ways.
  • They are perfect to style on various occasions, including casual outings, office meetings and intimate family gatherings. Feel comfortable and look beautiful!

Customers Admire Albeli’s Unparalleled Designs

What We Frequently Get Asked?

The most significant perk of buying a Banarasi Linen Silk saree from pure linen sarees manufacturers is the wide variety one can enjoy. There are innumerable options to choose from. However, the massive collection of unique handloom Banarasi sarees is the best part.

Pure Banarasi Linen Silk sarees are manufactured in Varanasi. You can buy them at Albeli manufacturers and wholesalers.

The best part about these sarees is the breathability they provide. Their lightweight features and airy texture make them easy to wear and drape. They are comfortable garments with a Banarasi touch.


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