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Words fall short of describing the beauty of Banarasi sarees. These delicacies have been in our country since the beginning of time. Their elegance and charm are the reason why women widely choose them.

Banarasi sarees are the go-to attire for women for various occasions. They symbolise perfection, regality and everything beautiful. So if you need renowned Pure Banarasi Crepe Saree Manufacturers, Albeli is the best in Varanasi. Find a gorgeous collection of pure and handloom Crepe Silk sarees.

Albeli’s Legacy As Esteemed Crepe Silk Saree Manufacturers

As a manufacturer and wholesaler of Banarasi sarees, Albeli has been in the business since 1990. Throughout this three-decade-long legacy, our quality hasn’t changed a bit. At Albeli, we have translated our love and passion for the Banarasi weave into beautiful garments. Each piece produced by us speaks volumes about our brand.

Our founders, Mr Sharad Nawalgaria and Mr Samir Nawalgaria, are two passionate beings. The brand is their effort to keep the Banarasi heritage alive and celebrated by the new-age women.

The reason behind our success is our equally enthusiastic and driven team. The skilled artisans and weavers are our backbone. Each saree manufactured by us is synonymous with refined elegance and magnificence.

Albeli is the name that comes to mind for spellbinding Banarasi saree designs.

What Makes Albeli The Most Prestigious Crepe Silk Saree Manufacturer?

  • A celebrated legacy of more than three decades
  • The unparalleled quality of Banarasi sarees, suits and fabrics
  • Reasonable prices
  • Native weaving techniques
  • Skilled and experienced weavers and artisans
  • Valued business relationships





Native Technique Of Manufacturing Banarasi Crepe Silk Saree

At Albeli, our skilled artisans follow native weaving techniques for manufacturing Banarasi Crepe Silk saree. The steps of the process are as follows:

Choosing the suitable yarn

Banarasi sarees are mostly woven using pure silk yarns. These yarns are available in various qualities and ranges. The first step is finding and choosing a suitable one.

Dyeing of yarn

The chosen yarn is taken to the dyer, where it is processed and dyed in the colour of choice. It is effortless to dye the yarns in any desired colour.

Yarn reeling

Once the yarns are dried, they are wound on reels and fed into the handloom for weaving.

Saree designing

Before the weaving process begins, saree designs are drawn on regular paper. They are then copied on graph paper.

Stencil creation

Once the designs are duplicated on graph paper, they are hand-punched on the stencil. This is done so that the design can be duplicated on the fabric.


Once the yarns are dried, they are wound on reels and fed into the handloom for weaving.

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Reasons To Buy A Banarasi Crepe Silk Saree

Crepe is a thin fabric known for its distinctive crinkled texture and wrinkled appearance. The lightweight material is easy to handle and suitable for all weather. There are many reasons why you must own a Banarasi Crepe Silk saree.

  • Crepe Silk sarees are renowned for their lightweight feel and wrinkled appearance. Their unique look and the comfort that they provide are one of the best parts about them.
  • These sarees have a graceful fall and offer the wearer a slimming appearance.
  • Crepe Silk sarees offer a lot of versatility. They can be styled in unique and diverse ways.

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There are several advantages of buying Crepe Silk saree from Crepe Silk Saree Manufacturers. One of the most significant ones includes the wide variety of unique designs. In addition, the buyer gets to choose from a range of beautiful sarees and collections.

Pure Crepe Silk saree is manufactured in Varanasi. So Albeli manufacturers and wholesalers are the right choices if you search for pure delicacies. We are an eminent name in the city and have been serving since 1990.

Pure Crepe Silk saree is made of pure silk threads. These sarees have a long and intensive weaving process to have a crinkled and wrinkled appearance.


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