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Reputable Banarasi Cotton Silk Saree Manufacturers

Banarasi sarees are one of the most beautiful attires in the Indian fashion industry. Our country has popularised this rather elegant weave widely. Sarees made using this weave are considered gorgeous, alluring and spectacular.

Banarasi Cotton Silk sarees are the embodiment of comfort, style and beauty. The new-age women embrace them on various occasions. If you are looking for Banarasi Cotton Silk saree manufacturers in Varanasi, Albeli is an ideal choice for you.

albeli saree shop

Albeli's Long History In Banarasi Cotton Silk Saree Manufacturing

Since 1990, Albeli has been serving as a prominent industry leader. Our journey started with designing sarees into unstitched suits. Since then, we have grown tremendously. Our constant efforts to keep the glorious Banarasi heritage alive have been successful.

We have been living up to the industry's standards for over thirty years and setting new benchmarks. We offer heart-winning and unique designs of Banarasi sarees. Every saree beautifully personifies elegance and charm. One can truly see the intricacy of the work making every saree.

Our skilled artisans are truly experienced experts. They are well-versed in weaving these delicacies the native way. Albeli is one of the leading banarasi cotton silk sarees wholesalers in Varanasi.

For the most spellbinding Banarasi saree collections in Varanasi, Albeli is an ideal choice.

Albeli's Alluring Range of Banarasi Cotton Silk Sarees

Albeli offers a tasteful range of Banarasi Cotton Silk sarees. These are available in vibrant colours, beautiful designs and elegant textures. Because of their comfort and convenience, these delicacies are widely chosen for occasions such as intimate gatherings, office events and casual birthday parties.

Moreover, these sarees' lightweight and airy fabric make them comfortable and suitable for summer. At Albeli, you can choose from a mesmerising range of Banarasi Cotton Silk sarees and enjoy feeling comfortable and looking beautiful!

What Sets Albeli Apart As a Banarasi Cotton Silk Saree Manufacturer?

There are many reasons why Albeli gets regarded as the best cotton banarasi silk saree manufacturer. Some of them include:

A celebrated legacy of thirty years

Native weaving techniques and skilled weavers

Long and valued business relationships

Highly Skilled And Diligent Artisans

Highly Skilled And Diligent Artisans

How Albeli Manufactures Banarasi Cotton Silk Sarees Using a Native Weaving Technique?

Our skilled weavers and artisans follow the following steps in the manufacturing process of Banarasi Cotton Silk sarees.

Finding the suitable yarn

Banarasi Cotton Silk sarees are woven using pure silk threads. The manufacturing process begins with choosing a suitable yarn.

Dyeing of yarn

The chosen yarn is processed and dyed in the desired colour by a dyer.

Yarn reeling

Once the yarn is dried, it is wound on reels and set on the handloom for weaving.

Saree designing

The designs for the saree are drawn on normal paper and then duplicated on graph paper.

Stencil creation

This step involves hand-punching the graph paper design on a stencil so it can be copied on the fabric.


The last step is weaving, which involves the warp and weft technique. The designs are also attached to the machine using jacquard cards.

Why Must Banarasi Cotton Silk Saree Be In Your Wardrobe?

These delicacies are comfortable, airy and convenient. The lightweight fabric is the icing on the cake.

The fabric of these draperies is light which makes it perfect for summer.

They can be styled on various occasions in diverse ways. For birthday parties, casual outings or important office meetings - you can never go wrong with a Banarasi Cotton Silk saree.

Customers Admire Albeli’s Unparalleled Designs

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One of the most significant advantages of buying a Banarasi Cotton Silk saree from Banarasi silk cotton sarees manufacturers is the vast variety that customers enjoy. There are so many unique and tasteful Banarasi saree designs to choose from. It is truly exceptional.

Pure Banarasi Cotton Silk sarees are manufactured in Varanasi. You can find the best quality and unique Banarasi sarees from Albeli manufacturers and wholesalers in Varanasi.

Banarasi Cotton Silk sarees are made using pure silk by cotton and the Banarasi weave.


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