Chanderi silk is a sheer fabric extensively used for making sarees and suits. This fabric got its name from Chanderi, a small city of Madhya Pradesh known for its traditional and skillful weavers.

It has glossy transparency and sheer texture. The designs created on the fabric are mostly inspired by the natural patterns of sky and earth. Banarasi chanderi silk suits are really comfortable and sophisticated, that’s why they are popular in India across all the states.

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What is Chanderi Silk?

Chanderi fabric was woven by simple weaving method using yarns of silk and cotton along with the use of beautiful zari and golden threads. However, Chanderi silk material is produced using pure silk yarns in both the weft and warp, along with the fine zari work.

It is durable and has a classy look. Its sheer texture and comfort makes it perfect for making suits and sarees and wearing them everyday, on festive occasions or at parties.

Banarasi chanderi silk material manufacturing at Albeli

Purchasing of raw materials

The raw materials are bought by Chanderi silk material manufacturers from yarn merchants, who in turn obtain the silk from Karnataka. Most of the imported silk used in the yarn is from China or Korea. Most often, pre-dyed cotton yarn is used.


Dying is mostly done by the local dyers who are skilled in dying for long. After dying, the yarn is loosened on the reels to start warp and weft.


After the dying process, warping is done. The reel, a wooden frame, is used to pass yarns to the reed. The yarn is then passed through the healds and reeds. Following that, the new warp threads are skillfully twisted to join with the old warp threads.


The zari is actually created along with weaving, hence, the design is already prepared which is to be created. This process may take 3-4 days.


Weaving is mostly done using fly-shuttle looms nowadays. The Chanderi fabric is cut from the loom and does not need any post-loom processing in order to be packaged and sold.

Reasons you must invest in a Chanderi silk suit material

  • Royal and affordable : This fabric has a royal appearance, sheen texture and beautiful zari work on suits gives you an absolutely classy look.
  • Suits to all occasions :Chanderi silk material suits to every occasion be it a party, festive occasion, family gathering, or office meeting. Its classy and sober look makes it perfect to wear wherever you want.
  • Authentic and comfortable :The fabric is very pure and known for its authenticity which is also comfortable to carry.

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Answers to What People Frequently Ask ?

Pure silk chanderi fabric is crafted using pure silk yarns. You can find the best qualities at Pavitra Weaves.

Yes, making sarees with the Banarasi chanderi fabric is possible. In fact, these draperies have been in trend for a long time.

Yes, the chanderi silk fabric is perfect. It is renowned for its sheerness and unique texture.


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