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Don’t we all love adorning spectacular outfits? Don’t we all yearn to look our most beautiful selves? We do, right? Some outfits do not need much effort or styling. They are so rich and tasteful alone that they are enough. Yes, you guessed it right. They are Banarasi sarees.

One of the most beautiful and rich fabrics, Banarasi sarees are those timeless delicacies that only look good as time passes. They are the embodiment of regality and perfection. Nothing can compare to their beauty.

Among several Banarasi sarees, the most elegant and fondly appreciated one is the Chiniya Silk saree. Albeli is a renowned chiniya silk saree manufacturer if you are seeking spectacular saree designs.

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Albeli’s Glorious Legacy In Banarasi Chiniya Silk Saree Manufacturing

Albeli is a proud banarasi chiniya saree manufacturer, serving the Indian fashion industry since 1990. Our fashion house came into existence several decades ago and has ever since served as an industry leader. We are one of the most well-known names in the market in Varanasi and across the nation. Customers from all over the country visit us for unique and handloom Banarasi Chiniya Silk saree designs. Our founders, Mr Sharad Nawalgaria and Mr Samir Nawalgaria, are led by a driven and passionate team. Together we are constantly trying to revive the Banarasi heritage whilst adding contemporary touches. If all you seek are magnificent Banarasi Chiniya Silk sarees, why look further than Albeli - a pure chiniya saree manufacturer? Every saree we manufacture is symbolic of the rich Banarasi culture and speaks volumes about our quality and class.

Albeli’s Alluring Range of Banarasi Chiniya Silk Sarees

At Albeli, we house some of the most gorgeous and magnificent Banarasi Chiniya Silk sarees. These delicacies are available in countless colours, designs, styles and embroideries. In addition, all our draperies are reasonably priced. Therefore, you can choose from a wide range of options and designs. At Albeli, we have fine artistry to produce large quantities of these charming garments.

Why Choose Albeli As Banarasi Chiniya Silk Saree Manufacturers?

An experience of 30-long years.

Tasteful and spectacular Banarasi Chiniya Silk saree designs.

The unmatched fabric quality and reduced prices.

Conventional weaving techniques and talented workforce.

Special business relationships.

A vast collection of contemporary and traditional Banarasi weaves.

Highly Skilled And Diligent Artisans

Native Process Of Manufacturing Banarasi Chiniya Silk Sarees

Our skilled weavers at Albeli follow a traditional manufacturing process of producing pure and handloom Banarasi Chiniya Silk sarees. The steps include:


Choosing a suitable yarn

All Banarasi Chiniya Silk sarees are woven using pure silk yarn. The manufacturing process begins with finding and selecting the right yarn.


Dyeing of yarn

The chosen yarn is processed and dyed by the dyer. Did you know Banarasi Chiniya Silk sarees can be dyed after weaving also?


Yarn reeling

Once dried, the yarns are wound on reels and fed into the handloom for weaving.


Designing of saree

The desired designs are crafted on normal paper and then duplicated on graph paper. In addition, graph papers are used for copying designs on fabric from stencils.


Stencil creation

Stencils like jacquard cards help copy designs on fabric. Hence, hand-punching of graph paper design is done on stencils.



The last step is the warp and weft process. This is also known as weaving, where jacquard cards attach designs to the machine.

Reasons For Buying a Banarasi Chinaya Silk Saree

Banarasi Chiniya Silk sarees are one of the richest-looking Banarasi weaves. Often these delicacies get compared with Katan Silk. These are renowned for being shinier, more elegant and rich. Here are all the reasons why you must buy a Banarasi Chiniya Silk saree.

  • Banarasi Chiniya Silk sarees are exquisite draperies. They are beautiful and the perfect embodiment of regality.
  • The fabric of these draperies is royal and tasteful and gets passed down as heirlooms.
  • They look as new and fresh as ever with a bit of maintenance and upkeep.
  • They can be flaunted on various occasions, including weddings, festive celebrations and other formal functions.

Customers Admire Albeli’s Unparalleled Designs

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It is always a good idea to buy a Banarasi Chinaya Silk saree from manufacturers or Banarasi chiniya silk saree wholesalers like Albeli. The variety of exquisite designs that they offer is fondly appreciated.

Pure Banarasi Chinaya Silk sarees are manufactured in Varanasi. Check them out at Albeli manufacturers and wholesalers. Fall in love with the diverse collections and finest prices.


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