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It is a well-known fact that Banarasi sarees never lose their appeal and magnificence. They are one Indian attire that looks as beautiful as ever. No matter how much time passes, the beauty of the Banarasi weave remains intact.

While many types of sarees are available, Banarasi sarees have a special place in the hearts of every saree lover. The versatility, qualities, ranges - everything is massive.One such type is the Banarasi Chanderi Silk saree. These delicacies are made with pure silk and look very elegant.

If you are considering buying one of these, check them out at Albeli - one of the most esteemed chanderi silk saree manufacturers.

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Albeli's Prestigious 30-Year-Long Legacy As Banarasi Chanderi Silk Saree Manufacturer

When we speak of banarasi chanderi saree manufacturers, Albeli comes to mind. The brand came into existence in 1990, and it has continued to lead as an industry leader for several decades. It is a proud initiative and brainchild of Mr Sharad Nawalgaria and Mr. Samir Nawalgaria. The two put their heart and soul into making the brand one of the biggest ones in Varanasi. As a result, one can find wonderful and trendy Banarasi saree collections at Albeli.

By adding contemporary touches to the traditional Banarasi weave, it is catering to the needs of the new-age women and keeping the glorious Banarasi heritage alive. It is all about Albeli when one needs pure and handloom Banarasi sarees. We are the best manufacturers and wholesalers.

Albeli's Tasteful Range of Chanderi Silk Saree

Chanderi Silk saree
Banarasi Chanderi Silk sarees are renowned for their shine and lustre. Their elegance and charm are unparalleled. Woven with pure silk threads, these Chanderi delicacies are among the most coveted Indian attire and a fixture in weddings, festivals and other functions.

What Makes Albeli The Most Celebrated Banarasi Chanderi Silk Saree Manufacturer?

  • Thirty long glorious years in the industry.
  • Incomparable fabric quality.
  • Native weaving techniques.
  • Skilled weavers and artisans.
  • These delicacies have long been passed down as heirlooms generation after generation.

Aesthetic Range of Organza Sarees offered by Albeli

Native Weaving Technique Of Manufacturing Banarasi Chanderi Silk Saree

The native weaving technique of manufacturing Banarasi Chanderi Silk saree is simple and can be explained in the following steps:

The first step begins with finding a suitable yarn. Silk yarns are available in several qualities and ranges.

The next step entails the dyeing of yarn. The yarns are processed by the dyer and then dyed in the colour of choice.

Once the yarn is dyed and dried, it is wound on reels and fed into the handloom.

Next, the designs are prepared on normal paper. These are then copied on graph paper.

To duplicate the design on the fabric, hand-punching of graph paper design is done on the stencil.

The last step in the manufacturing process is the warp and weave technique. The designs are attached to the machine using jacquard cards.


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What People Frequently Ask Us

One of the significant advantages of buying a Banarasi Chanderi Silk saree from a manufacturer is their massive variety of exquisite handloom Banarasi sarees.

The variety includes Banarasi Chanderi Silk saree, Chanderi Cotton saree and Chanderi Pattu saree, among others. You can find all of these at Albeli.

Pure Banarasi Chanderi Silk sarees are manufactured in Varanasi. Find unique designs only at Albeli manufacturers and wholesalers.


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