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Katan banarasi sarees are the most exquisite form of banarasi sarees in our country. Katan silk sarees originated from the sacred city of Varanasi, located along the banks of the holy river of Ganges. The lustre and elegance of these delicacies are unparalleled. Katan sarees are made using twisting and turning the weave threads. The gold and silver zari work is a fixture on these alluring draperies. A katan banarasi silk saree showcases pure artisanship through its unique and perfect design. If you are looking for renowned pure Katan silk banarasi handloom saree manufacturers, Albeli is the one!

At Albeli, the specialty of these banarasi sarees includes the rich use of gold and silver thread zari work on brocade and motifs. The motifs on these fabrics and sarees are widely influenced by Persian and Mughal motifs such as jaal work and flowers.

Albeli And Its Legacy Of Katan Silk Saree Manufacturing

What sums up Albeli are these four words - “Evolving Fashion, Cherishing Tradition.” The meaning behind Albeli is beautiful. Besides the motive of keeping the rich Banarasi heritage alive, it is also constantly trying to evolve contemporary fashion elements into conventional ones. The brand, widely celebrated today, was once just a passion for two driven individuals - Mr Sharad Nawalgaria and Mr Samir Nawalgaria. Their love for textiles gave birth to Albeli which continued its legacy as the celebrated katan banarasi manufacturers. .

For over three decades, Albeli has offered a range of unique and exquisite Banarasi sarees. The aesthetic behind the designs is elegant and has successfully made a place for themselves in the hearts of modern women. Every saree crafted by skilled artisans and weavers at Albeli showcases refined elegance and taste. Since 1990, our quality has never been compromised, which makes us stand apart. As a celebrated Katan banarasi saree manufacturer in Varanasi, we offer an elegant Banarasi saree collection.

Albeli’s Alluring Range Of Katan Silk Sarees

Katan silk sarees supplied by Katan silk saree manufacturers find their places in two categories:

Traditional Katan Sarees

Traditional Katan sarees showcase quaint zari work and are enriched with Persian motifs, including bel, kalga, jhallar, paisley motifs and peacocks. They have a traditional and classic touch. Their elegance and richness make them a perfect choice for bridal outfits too.

Modern Katan Sarees

Modern Katan sarees hint at contemporary design and colours. Bright colours and modish designs are the inclusions in these sarees. They are the perfect mix of contemporary and traditional fashion. They are chosen for birthday parties, social events and other formal functions.

At Albeli, you will find everything you are looking for. We are undeniably a one-stop-shop solution!

Aesthetic Range of Katan offered by Albeli

What Makes Albeli An Industry Leader And The Best Katan Silk Saree Manufacturer?

Albeli has been the industry leader for decades and is known among the best Katan saree manufacturers in the country. Here’s what sets us totally apart from others

Thirty-year-long heritage

Tasteful and classic Banarasi designs

Native weavers and artisans

Pure and quality fabrics and materials

A profound love for Banarasi heritage

Passionate and polite team

Native Technique Of Producing Katan Silk Sarees

We at Albeli, being the expert katan saree manufacturers, follow these simple techniques for manufacturing Katan Silk sarees. Every saree crafted by us beautifully translates our love for the art.


The process begins with finding an appropriate yarn. The yarn needs to be chosen from among various options and qualities available.


Once the yarn is chosen, it is taken to the dyer where it is processed and dyed in the colour of choice.


The yarn is dried and wound on reels. They are then fed into handlooms for weaving.


The next step entails designing of the saree. The designing is done on normal paper and then copied on graph paper.


The design is hand punched on stencil so that it can be transferred and duplicated on fabric.


The last step is the warp and weft process or the weaving process. The designs are embroidered with the help of jacquard cards attached to the machine.

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Why Buy a Katan Silk Saree From Reputed Katan Saree Manufacturers

Katan silk fabric is considered one of the softest forms of silk. It is exquisite, sturdy yet luxurious and widely chosen for wedding and festive-related affairs. They are made using the finest quality of mulberry silk threads in both warp and weft. Being created using pure silk threads, these sarees are breathable and comfortable to wear throughout the day.

  • These sarees are made using pure silk and are considered coveted draperies.
  • Their exquisiteness and regalness make them perfect for bridal outfits too.
  • The fabric of these delicacies is durable and suitable throughout the year.
  • The fabric of these delicacies is heavy and rich and was widely worn by royals.


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Answers To What People Frequently Ask

The advantages of buying Katan silk saree directly from banarasi Katan silk saree manufacturers include quality assurance, reduced prices and a wide range of exquisite and tasteful Banarasi sarees.

A Katan silk saree is crafted using pure mulberry threads in warp and weft. These delicacies are widely celebrated for being made using high-quality and purest silk form. The rich texture of these draperies makes them appropriate for most significant and formal occasions such as weddings, festivals and other formal events.

The sacred city of Varanasi is famous for manufacturing pure Katan silk sarees. So reach out to us at Albeli as we are a reputable Katan banarasi manufacturer.


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