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The unparalleled beauty of a Banarasi Katan Silk Suit makes it the first choice of every woman. Katan Silk suits have been in trend for decades and will remain so for centuries.

The refined elegance that they exude is simply encapsulating. The rich texture and the spectacularly intricate work they showcase are mesmerizing. These fineries are also available in several tasteful colors, designs, and textures. If you are seeking a renowned banarasi katan silk suit manufacturer, Albeli is where you should head.

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Albeli's Legacy in Banarasi Katan Silk Suit Manufacturing

Since the brand's inception in 1990, Albeli has been a prominent name in the Indian textile industry. The brand took birth after the Nawalgaria brothers realized their love for Indian textiles. Albeli has been leading and setting new industry benchmarks for decades. Authentic and pure fabrics, vibrant colors, and native weaving techniques are what the brand stands for.

As a well-known banarasi katan silk suit wholesaler in Varanasi, we house the most timeless and beautiful collection of pure Banarasi Katan Silk suits. Every piece we produce speaks volumes about our passion and love for the Banarasi weave.

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What Makes Albeli the Best Banarasi Katan Silk Suit Manufacturer?

Expertise and experience of more than 3 decades

Superior and pure fabric qualities

Native weaving techniques and artisans

Cherished business relationships

Native Process of Manufacturing Banarasi Katan Silk Suit

Our hardworking artisans at Albeli follow a native weaving process for manufacturing each exquisite Banarasi Katan Silk suit.

Choosing a suitable yarn

Banarasi Katan weave is made using pure silk yarns. These yarns are available in various qualities and ranges. The first step involves choosing the right yarn.

Dying of yarn

The second step in manufacturing is dying. A dyer processes and dyes the yarn in the desired color.

Yarn reeling

Once the yarn is dried, it is wound on reels and fed into the handloom for weaving.

Designing of Suit

Desired designs are drawn on normal paper and copied on graph paper.

Stencil Creation

The graph paper designs are hand-punched on the stencil to be copied on fabric.


The last step of the manufacturing process is weaving the suits. A stencil is attached to the machine so the designs can be embroidered on the suit.

Reasons to Buy a Banarasi Katan Silk Suit

Banarasi Katan Silk suits have found a place in every Indian woman's heart. These gorgeous suits make for the perfect attire for many occasions. The overall simplicity of attire, like a suit, when combined with the lustrous and shiny Banarasi Katan weave, makes a tasteful combination.

The following reasons will make you want to buy one today:

  • The evergreen beauty and charm of these suits never fade away.
  • Banarasi Katan Silk suits are perfect for weddings and other festive occasions.
  • The insanely beautiful designs on these fineries are timeless and can be passed down from generation to generation.


Most of Our Customers Ask ?

One of the biggest advantages of buying a Banarasi Katan Silk suit from a banarasi katan silk suit material manufacturer is the variety and range of exquisite and unique designs.

Pure Banarasi Katan Silk suits are manufactured in Varanasi. If you are looking for a reputable banarasi katan silk suit dealer in the city, Albeli is your one-stop solution.

Pure Banarasi Katan Silk suits are manufactured using pure silk yarns. The beauty of the Banarasi Katan weave stands unparalleled even today.


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