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Chiffon sarees are one of the most beautiful silk fabrics that make an equally beautiful and easy-to-handle drape. The fabric of these sarees is sheer and lightweight. These delicacies can be worn throughout the year and are admired by women all across the globe. Their free-flowingness and soft touch make them a perfect choice for various occasions.

Chiffon sarees have a light, airy and translucent fabric. It is one of the gorgeous sarees that perfectly accentuates the curves of every woman. These delicacies have gained much popularity in recent years and are being chosen over other fabrics for the wearer's convenience and comfort. At Albeli, we are a trusted banarasi chiffon saree manufacturer in Varanasi.

Albeli's Glorious 30-year-Long Heritage in Banarasi Chiffon Saree Manufacturing

Albeli is a prestigious fashion house and studio in the industry. It is reminiscent of vibrant banarasi hues, prints and heavy work. Since 1990, our founders, Mr Sharad Nawalgaria and Mr Samir Nawalgaria and the team have been striving to keep the banarasi heritage alive while mixing it up with contemporary colours and designs. Besides being an esteemed name in the market, we are also a celebrated banarasi chiffon saree manufacturer. You can find spellbinding collections of chiffon silk sarees and many others whenever you shop with us. Enjoy eye-catching designs, all at competitive prices.

Albeli is synonymous with class, taste and all things related to our rich Banarasi heritage. Every saree crafted at Albeli is a labour of love, passion and timeless Banarasi fashion.

Aesthetic Range of Banarasi Chiffon Sarees Offered by Albeli

Plain Border Chiffon Sarees

These sarees are plain and crafted on chiffon fabric. These delicacies showcase beautiful and wide zari border, Resham border or brocade border. They are widely chosen for semi-formal occasions, including birthday parties, day functions and other formal events.

Resham Work Chiffon Sarees

The sarees in this category are crafted with buttis made with Resham. A wide and mesmerising Resham border is a unique exception to these delicacies. They are elegant, sophisticated and tasteful.

Banarasi Chiffon Sarees

These sarees are among the most coveted ones and are made using pure silk threads and chiffon fabric. The banarasi weave's richness and chiffon's ease make a great combination.

Zari Work Chiffon Sarees

These sarees are known for the butti work made from banarasi zari and a gorgeous banarasi zari work border. These come in diverse colours, textures and designs and are widely chosen for weddings, festive celebrations and family functions.

Reasons Why Albeli Is The Best Banarasi Chiffon Saree Manufacturer?

A celebrated legacy of 30 years.

Native weaving techniques that keep Banarasi heritage alive.

Spellbinding Banarasi Chiffon saree collections.

Unparalleled product quality.

Amiable and responsive team.

Skilled weavers and workers with experience and talent.

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Manufacturing Process Of Banarasi Chiffon Sarees At Albeli

Our skilled artisans at Albeli follow these simple steps in the manufacturing process of Banarasi Chiffon Saree.

  • The first step in the process entails finding the right yarn. Banarasi chiffon sarees are woven with silk yarns that come in various types, qualities and ranges.
  • The second step requires the yarn to be processed and dyed in the desired colour.
  • After dyeing and drying the yarn, it is wound on reels for the weaving process.
  • The next step is designing the saree, which is done on normal paper and copied on graphic paper.
  • To transfer the design on fabric, hand punching with the help of a stencil is done on graph paper design.
  • The process ends with weaving which entails a warp and weft process, and designs are duplicated and embroidered on the fabric using jacquard cards attached to the machine.

Why Do You Need a Banarasi Chiffon Saree?

Banarasi sarees are coveted clothing pieces that have been worn since immemorial. Their exquisiteness, shine and lustre are unmatched. There are several reasons why you must own at least one such delicacy. These include:

  • Banarasi chiffon sarees are crafted with pure silk threads and alluring banarasi butti work.
  • Their lightweight features make them easy to drape and flaunt on various occasions.
  • They are suitable for wearing throughout the year. In addition, they also get passed down as heirlooms from generation to generation.


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The advantage of buying a Banarasi Chiffon saree directly from a Banarasi chiffon saree manufacturer is the diverse options one can choose from. Besides reduced prices and product quality, massive collections are available with wholesalers and manufacturers like Albeli.

Pure Banarasi Chiffon sarees are manufactured in Varanasi. If you are in the area, you can check out and visit Albeli for the best collections.

Pure silk threads are used for manufacturing Banarasi Chiffon sarees.


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