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Sarees are the pride of the Indian fashion industry. They are one of the most elegant and gorgeous pieces of clothing a woman can ever own. These alluring draperies have a richness and Indian touch that makes them so lovely. When speaking of sarees, we all know they are of diverse kinds. One such is the organza Banarasi saree. These sarees are made with top-grade and purest silk and are renowned across the globe for their exquisiteness and shine. So if you have been looking for renowned organza saree manufacturers, your search ends at Albeli.

Albeli's 3 Decade-Long Legacy Of Organza Saree Manufacturing

We at Albeli are renowned for being Varanasi's best Banarasi organza sarees manufacturer. Our three-decade-long legacy speaks volumes about our brand. Albeli came into existence when Mr Sharad Nawalgaria and Mr Samir Nawalgaria realised their love for Indian textiles. This passion translated into the brand that they have built today. Albeli has been serving quality since 1990 to people all across the nation.

Every piece of clothing that Albeli produces is synonymous with sheer artisanship. All artisans and weavers working with us are experienced and well-versed in traditional weaving techniques. In addition, our profound love for Banarasi heritage and sarees is eternal.

Albeli and Banarasi heritage - a passionate and creative partnership!

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Admirable Organza Sarees Offered By Albeli

Organza Silk Saree

Organza silk sarees are woven using silk weave and are widely available in the market. These sarees are the perfect fusion of chicness and ethnicity. Organza silk sarees look casual and extravagant at the same time. These delicacies are available in diverse colours, designs, textures, styles and prints. They are perfect to be flaunted on various casual and semi-formal occasions.

Banarasi Organza Saree

Banarasi organza sarees make for a popular choice for weddings, festivals and other celebratory gatherings. Their richness and elegance are unparalleled. Nothing looks as beautiful as these alluring draperies. Gold and silver zari work is a staple of these delicacies. One can also find embroidered and designer pallus and patch borders. Pure Banarasi silk is used for crafting these draperies.

Plain Organza Saree

The remarkable thing about plain organza sarees is there is no design, embroidery or print on them. The idea is to appreciate the beauty and sheerness of the fabric. These delicacies offer versatility in terms of styling. Plain organza sarees have the typical thin weave and are made using natural or synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyester. They are renowned and adored for their simplicity and can be worn for any occasion.

Aesthetic Range of Organza Sarees offered by Albeli

Handloom Kadhua Booti Organza Saree

What Sets Albeli Apart As An Organza Saree Manufacturer?

There are countless reasons to buy organza Banarasi sarees at Albeli.

A glorious legacy of more than 30 years.

A driver and passionate workforce of skilled artisans and weavers.

Unparalleled high-quality fabric quality.

Long and healthy business relationships.

Incomparable variety in terms of designs, colours, textures and styles.

Polite and professional staff.

Native Process Of Manufacturing Organza Banarasi Saree

Our skilled artisans at Albeli follow the steps for preparing and weaving an organza Banarasi saree.


The first step in the weaving process entails tightly twisting filament yarns in opposite directions so they naturally cling together. These filament yarns are long, continuous strands of pure silk.


Once they are twisted together, they are combed and treated with acid, which facilitates the creation of the stiffness of the Organza. This stiffness is also a character trait.


The treated yarns are spun into fabric and woven using a plain weave technique.


The last step in the process includes crisscrossing the warp and weft threads in a similar pattern to form the correct appearance and finish for the Organza.

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Reasons To Buy An Organza Banarasi Saree

There is no doubt that an organza Banarasi saree is elegant. The fabric organza is so rich and heavy in itself. Banarasi organza sarees have been worn since time immemorial. Their exquisite heaviness and texture set them apart from others. Here are a few reasons that may push you to buy a pure Banarasi organza saree at Albeli.

  • The beautiful texture of an organza Banarasi saree is unique and sophisticated.
  • They are an ideal choice for weddings, festivals and other celebratory gatherings.
  • Besides being beautiful, they are made from durable fabric. With some maintenance, you can keep your Banarasi organza saree as new as ever!
  • Organza Banarasi sarees are worth investing in as their versatility is incomparable.
  • These delicacies have long been passed down as heirlooms generation after generation.


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What We At Albeli Get Frequently Asked

Besides reasonable prices and quality assurance, the most significant advantage of buying an organza Banarasi saree from pure organza sarees manufacturers is that one can choose from diverse options. Choose from a wide range of spectacular and spellbinding handloom Banarasi sarees.

A Banarasi Organza saree is made of pure silk threads, while tightly twisted filament yarns make Organza in opposite directions. The twisted yarns are combed and treated with acid to create the stiffness of Organza. The warp and weft threads are crisscrossed to form the character appearance of Organza. These sarees are known for their sheerness, exquisiteness and sophistication. They are among the most beautiful sarees in our nation. These are widely chosen for weddings, festivals and other formal events.

The best and pure Organza Banarasi sarees are manufactured in Varanasi. You can buy them from Albeli manufacturers and wholesalers for competitive prices.


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