For Indian women, silk sarees are regarded as the best preference for celebrations, weddings, and many special occasions. The delicate banarasi silk sarees are extremely adored by women because of their individuality and sophistication. They are made from extremely delicate mulberry silk. Originated in the spiritual city Varanasi, in Uttar Pradesh, on the bank of the Ganga river, these sarees are not only a fashion garment but a whole representation of art, culture, and beauty.

The intricate designs of these luxurious sarees make them look more charming. These beautiful banarasi silk sarees are known for their brocades and patterns in vibrant colours. These sarees are not limited to any specific religion or culture but are highly praised by women of all religions, cultures, and ethnicities.

History Of Elegant Banarasi Silk Sarees

This lovely banarasi silk saree history is long and can be traced back to the Hindu mythologies of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Over the centuries, silk sarees have evolved in terms of their creation, designs, and patterns. Patterns inspired by nature, including plants, leaves, and flowers, were always in demand in traditional silk sarees.

Later, during the Mughal reign, a new cultural mix was fashioned which resulted in the addition of motifs of Muslim inspiration. One of the reasons why this fancy silk saree is so popular among women is that the patterns and designs of this elegant saree are inspired by the Mughal era. 

During British rule, the Britishers added Victorian and geometric patterns to it. Now, at present, the trend is marked by the return of designer patterns, combined with modern styles. 

Features Of Banarasi Silk Sarees

The banarasi silk sarees are known for their complex zari work designed using gold and silver threads, as well as the detailed impression of silk on the fabric. Even though the technology has been more advanced today in comparison to that of ancient times, still Varanasi has been able to maintain its handweaving techniques to a great level. 

Banarasi silk sarees are one of the finest and most traditional sarees, loved and praised not only in India but worldwide. There is a huge export of banarasi sarees to various foreign countries including UK, the USA, Australia and more. They are generally heavy in weight due to their rich decoration which makes them highly suitable for weddings, festivals, and celebrations. 

Based on their various colour and design patterns, these silk sarees are classified into many different types, among which the highly demanded are organza banarasi silk sarees, georgette banarasi silk sarees, shattir banarasi silk sarees, etc., The addition of interesting designs like floral, birds, leaves, and geometric patterns to these silk sarees make them more fascinating and defined.  

The Creation Of Banarasi Silk Sarees

For the completion of a traditional banarasi saree, the average time consumed is around 15 to 30 days. However, the increment or decrement in the estimated time totally depends upon the complexity of the design and pattern. Normally, for the making of one banarasi silk saree, three weavers are required on average. One weaver is required to weave the whole saree, the second weaver is given the responsibility of handling the revolving ring and the third weaver helps in providing assistance in the border designing.

Great teamwork is required for the making of this beautiful and luxurious silk saree. The highly skilled craftsman from the city uses amazing precision in weaving the intricate and attractive silk sarees. 

In The Modern Era

These elegant silk sarees hold a highly regarded place in today’s era. The banarasi silk sarees have been ruling in the world of sarees over these centuries. The city of culture and heritage, Varanasi has worked relentlessly to keep this art alive in the hearts of people. In the modern era, and for the modern ladies, the banarasi sarees still serve as a sign of class.

Earlier, the silk was imported from the Orient, whereas now, it makes its way from the southern part of the Nation. Like every other industry and every other craft, these banarasi silk sarees also seek innovation, hence the handlooms are being replaced with power looms. Although the old techniques remain untouched, still some advanced skills and elements are incorporated.

Young designers try their best to maintain the combination of elegance and modernity. Their approach is to incorporate the trendy design with the traditional designs and patterns. Since brides and their bridesmaids love to drape these precious banarasi silk sarees in their wedding, thus these sarees have made a great place in the wedding ceremonies. 

The glamorous bollywood is not even far behind either and there have been several famous faces who wrap these graceful silk sarees from time to time. When these beautiful divas walk on the Red Carpet draping these silk sarees, the result is a deadly combination of elegance and charm.  


The aesthetic floral print designs and motifs are the real reasons why these sarees are always in trend and so popular among the women of India. Even though the innovation has made these silk sarees more enhanced, the most popular and adored still remain the ones that were created centuries ago. The banarasi silk saree was designed before the digital age. And since then, the silk saree has flourished and excelled in these years. The silk will always rule, and the Varanasi continues to serve its glorious identity- the banarasi silk sarees.

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