The love for an Indian Banarasi saree is universal! The intricate fabric, the luxurious borders, and the eye-peasing designs add to the astonishing beauty of the Banarasi Saree. It is imperative how more and more businesses are indulging in selling Banarasi Sarees to capture the ever-rising demand for an Indian Banarasi Saree. With the introduction of power looms in the creation process, it has become even easier for sellers to sell in variety and bulk. 

However, hardcore lovers of Banarasi saree worldwide wish to drape an original Banarasi saree imported from its origin. The only way to tap this skyrocketing demand is to import the Banarasi sarees from India. The process seems extensive and long, but our quick importing guide will help you understand the process better! But before diving into the import process, let us peek into why an Indian Banarasi saree is so in demand

Why is an Indian Banarasi Saree so in demand?

Banarasi sarees are one of the most popular and in-demand traditional sarees in India and across the globe. These sarees are made in Varanasi, a city located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. There are many reasons why they are in demand, some of which are given below-

Rich history and cultural significance

Banarasi sarees are dated back to the 14th century during the Mughal Era when the queens used to adorn these heavy sarees. They were the symbol of luxury, elegance, and tradition. For many years, they were worn by high-class society and queens only as they were expensive and heavy to flaunt.

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High-quality craftsmanship and weaving

The handloom process of an Indian Banarasi Saree is extensive and requires a lot of manpower from the weavers. Traditional weaving techniques like kadhuwa, Cut-work, etc, are performed by expert Indian artisans. They are into the weaving business for generations and are trained to perform any type of requested embroidery on these sarees. 

Pure silk fabric

The elegant silk fabric of the Banarasi Saree speaks the volume of originality of its own. The eclectic fabric used to craft various types of Banarasi saree are of top-notch quality inside out. There are many types of silk fabric used to craft an Indian Banarasi saree, like Katan, Kora, Tussar, Georgette, etc. 

Versatility for a variety of occasions

An Indian Banarasi saree is a go-to option for any occasion that comes across, like pooja ceremonies, weddings, engagements, and more. A wide range of colours, designs, and patterns in a Banarasi saree makes them an in-demand affair for every woman. With time, the Banarasi saree has turned into an affordable piece of clothing, thereby increasing its demand! 

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Import of Banarasi Sarees from India: An Overview

With the blessing of technology, you may longer have to visit India to buy opulent Banarasi sarees. The easy export and import of these sarees benefit many sellers or budding entrepreneurs in the textile industry. India shares good import-export relations with thriving countries like the USA, Europe, the UK, Australia, and other major import countries. There are flexible rules for importing Banarasi Saree from India, making the process organised and seamless.

Process of importing Banarasi Saree from India

Whether you are looking to start a Banarasi sarees business or want to add original Banarasi saree to your inventory, you can follow the below-mentioned steps!

  • Before importing textiles from India, you must get your business registered to avoid any lag in receiving shipments. Your business must have a relevant import-export license authorised by your company.

  • The import license issued by your national government is important to begin the importing process. The license specifies the number of imports allowed and the quota for total imports.

  • You must also decide the type and pattern of sarees you wish to import. Extensive research is recommended to decide the demanding patterns of the saree. After this, a reliable seller must be contacted to import quality sarees.

  • Find a reliable and sought-after exporter to finalise your import requirements. Try importing the sarees in small quantities for the first time and then increase the volume once you get a good hold of the saree shipments.

  • Prepare an export-import contract between both parties and clarify the policies beforehand to avoid any shipment troubles.

  • Once everything is settled, you must also contact the port authority to complete your documentation procedure for receiving the shipment. 

  • Keep in touch with the port authority and the Indian seller to ensure seamless receipt of delivery throughout. 

Things to keep in mind while importing Banarasi Saree from India

There are several things that you must keep in mind before importing Banarasi Saree from India. A seamless importing experience is the result of many factors into consideration like:

  • Understand import regulations- Leave no communication gap when it comes to understanding the import regulations. A slight error may lead to abundant troubles for both parties. 

  • Find a reliable supplier- Be sure to find a reliable seller that matches your requirement to the fullest. The seller must have the saree inventory that you are looking for, and that too, at affordable prices.

  • Consider the shipping options- You need to consider the shipping options for your Banarasi sarees. You can choose to ship by air or sea, and the cost and time of delivery will vary depending on the option you choose.

  • Inspect the sarees before shipment- Before the sarees are shipped, inspect them carefully to ensure they meet your quality standards. This can help you avoid any issues or disputes with your supplier later.

  • Plan your inventory management- You need to have a good inventory management plan to ensure you have the right quantity of sarees available at all times. This includes forecasting demand and planning your orders accordingly.

Summing Up

The ever-rising demand for the Banarasi saree around the world insists vendors to sell it in places other than India. The lovers of originality wish to drape a cultured Banarasi saree while sitting miles away from India. The flexible importing option for the textile industry makes it easier for them to import and manage their Banarasi saree inventory. Finding a reliable seller is one of the major steps, to begin with! So make sure you find a quality seller for importing the elegant Banrasi Sarees. If you are looking to import pure banarasi saree from India, then you can contact Albeli, the most trusted and popular banarasi saree brand in India. Being manufacturers they offer Banarasi saree at the best rates and also customize the banarasi sarees as per need on bulk orders. 

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