The first thing that comes to mind for Indian women when she thinks of an essential function is Banarasi Saree. Banarasi Saree has made such a name in the market that it is the go-to saree style for most Indian women. With its roots in the medieval period, the Banarasi saree has come from being royal and rich to must-have and affordable. Back in the day, Banarasi Saree was weaved with real gold and silver threads, taking more than a year to prepare. Thanks to the technology and mastery of weavers in Banaras, many Indian women can afford the saree and look the best in it. 

Banarasi saree enhances the glow and beauty of women of different ages, origins and even nationalities. From essential functions to weddings, the Banarasi saree has been considered the best saree. Are you also looking to get yourself an elegant Banarasi Saree? If yes, then all the enthralling colours on the market can easily confuse you. We have combined the best and most trendy colour combinations in the banarasi saree to ease your selection. Here are the top colour picks when choosing a banarasi saree:

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The perfect pink

Pink has always been the best colour choice for women in clothes such as saree. Make your wardrobe more happening with banarasi saree pink colour. It is a must-have for women who want to look perfect and spread a peaceful aura around them in any function. Be it marriage or a formal evening function, the banarasi saree pink colour can be your go-to dress without thinking twice. Add oodles to your grace and vibrance to your personality with this perfect banarasi saree pink colour. 

The youthful yellow with a radiant red border 

When yellow and red combine, there is nowhere else we can look. A yellow banarasi saree with a red border appeals to your overall personality in every function you wear this saree. Elegantly designed red borders bring yellow and red colours to their maximum potential. Level up your wardrobe with a yellow banarasi saree with a red border. With this in your collection, you are sure to turn only towards it whenever any important function knocks at your door. 

The rich red with saintly silver zari

Bring the traditional look to its full potential with the red banarasi saree with silver zari. This saree's fabric increases its overall look by creating a soothing look. While the red colours bring richness to the fabric, the silver zari adds to it like a cherry on the cake. Red banarasi saree with silver zari is a must-have in your wardrobe if you are looking for a premium piece of traditional saree. Festive season or function season, this red banarasi saree with silver zari will make sure you are the one who turns every eye to yourself. 

The beautiful black with glamorous golden zari

Black has become one of the most picked colours for the banarasi saree. When black is combined with a golden zari, the look enhances many folds. All you need is a black banarasi saree with a golden zari to make a never forgotten entrance to an important function. Carefully crafted to bring out the best of both black and gold, this saree will add unparalleled glamour to your personality. Adore this black banarasi saree with golden zari with your favourite heavy jewellery, and be ready to get lots of compliments. 

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The wealthy white with glowing golden zari

Make yourself stand out from the crowd with a white banarasi saree with a golden border. The fabric of this saree is enough to turn every head. The golden border highlights the entire saree well enough to make it a centre of attraction in all the functions. White banarasi saree with a golden border produces a rich grace that people will never get enough of. This festive season adores this simple and graceful white banarasi saree with a golden border. Not only will you feel confident in yourself, but guests will also shower you with compliments from everyone at the function.

The dapper double colours

The double colour banarasi saree is one of a kind. Gone are the days when women used to wear one colour banarasi saree. In modern times, the banarasi saree has also taken some modern adaptations. Double colour banarasi saree is the new trend for buying banarasi saree to take your wardrobe to the next level. Two contrasting colours will bring the best out of your personality. Take a pick at double colour banarasi saree and feel the modernity draped in the best traditional outfit. 

The magical multi colours

Banarasi saree is loved due to its beauty and elegance. Multi colour banarasi saree is here to add more beauty to the all-time favourite banarasi saree collections. The fabric radiates a unique sheen and richness like none other. With multiple colours, the banarasi saree has one of the most notable works done to elevate the beauty of the women wearing it. Feel like the most important person in the room with a multi colour banarasi saree, and embrace the elegance and beauty radiating from within. 

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The pleasing pastel colours

Banarasi saree has won the hearts of Indian women since the time they were invented. Banarasi sarees are famous for their unique rich look and richness they radiate. To increase the beauty and aura of the banarasi saree, pastel colours have come into play. Pastel colour banarasi saree is becoming the must-have for all Indian women's wardrobes. Ditch the old colours and embrace the pastel colours making their way with pastel colour banarasi saree into your collection. Pastel colours will provide you with enthralling beauty and an enticing feel, something you need when attending any vital function. 

Banarasi sarees are made out of the most premium fabric. Indian women, including Bollywood celebrities, are in love with the richness and class of Banarasi sarees. There is no doubt that a Banarasi saree is a must-have for Indian women, but buying all of them isn’t the right shot. With our top picks for trendy colour combinations in the Banarasi saree, you can go for the best pick for yourself and invest in something that brings out the best in you. You can contact Albeli - Banarasi Saree Shop in Varanasi to buy any of these trendy sarees.

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