Indian women are known for their captivating features and well proportioned figures. The most prominent feature of Indian women is their complexion. Indian women have the most beautiful complexion that compliments their features just as well.

Indian beauty knows no bounds. But, a lot of women are conscious of their skin tones and forbid themselves from experimenting with fashion. If you are one of those women and you wear a crepe silk sarees we have just the perfect breakdown of colors you can experiment with and own your skin tone like an Indian goddess.

Red: Red is a universal colour and associated with Indian fashion for a long time. Although red compliments every skin tone, if you are a woman with a dusky or dark skin tone Red is your best friend.

It compliments your skin tone brilliantly because of the radiance it brings to the outfit. Red sarees are not too flashy but also not too mellow and are the perfect colour to be worn at parties, work and for everyday use. It not only highlights your prominent features but also gives you an air of elegance.


Although a lot of women might feel that Gold is slightly a flashy colour, it is flattering on dusky skin tones. It accentuates your sombre skin tone very well and enhances your beauty. Gold sarees are a great pick for weddings and events as they can brighten up your look.

You can club your Gold saree with subtle jewellery and voila you are good to go. Next time if you are in a dilemma of choosing a saree for any event, Gold with no doubt is a gorgeous pick. Just drape this vibrant colour and step out with confidence like never before.

Blue: Blue digital print sarees come in a variety of shades but there are certain shades that are perfect for Indian skin tones. Blues that have a deeper undertone can be a gorgeous pick for women with duskier skin tones. Blues like Royal blue, Cobalt blue, Ink blue, Persian blue saree that compliment Indian skin tones the best.

Style your blue sarees with golden jewellery and blouses that are slightly contrasted in colour. Blouses like red, gold, emerald green go really well when clubbed with blue sarees. If you want to enhance your beauty and look like a diva, blue is the colour for you.

Mustard Yellow: Yellow is a colour of tradition and worn during festivals and weddings. It is a colour of good fortune and believed to be auspicious. Mustard yellow sarees are a beautiful pick when you want to attend a wedding or go to work.

Yellow is a subtle yet vibrant colour and admires your beauty to the fullest. The warm undertones of the colour accentuates dusky skin tones and brings out your best features.

If you have a wedding to attend or an event to go to, pick a mustard yellow saree and club it with your best accessories to be the limelight of any occasion.

Emerald Green: This shade of green suits Indian skin tones the best. It has an earthy feel to it and the bright intensity of the shade enhances your best features. Emerald green is an exceptionally elegant and enchanting colour. It brings out your personality blending well with your skin tone. 

If you want to make a fashion statement experiment with this hue of green and celebrate the unique shade of your beauty.

White/Silver: If you are seeking to redefine elegance with an experiment in your usual style, white sarees are a gorgeous pick. For flaunting a vibrant accent in your fashion style, white/silver sarees can highlight your most prominent features.

With a subtle hint of elegance and a little hint of flashy white/silver is the perfect melange of grace and style. Women with dusky skin tones have prominent features and these colours can really help you out to highlight those beautiful features.

Black: Even though black sarees are a safe option for every skin tone, women with duskier skin tones have an advantage. Black sarees define boldness and confidence. Black colour sarees best compliment women with wheatish and dusky skin tones because of its deep undertones.

Black sarees are versatile and always a treat to wear. They are always in style and never go out of fashion. Black sarees can be perfect for a cocktail night, a work party or even a wedding reception. Experimenting with your style can always be safe when you are doing it with a black saree.

Style your saree with silver jewellery, a fresh face of makeup and own your uniqueness like never before.

Purple/ Violet: Purple is a darker colour as compared to any other traditionally preferred colours. But the unique aspect of this colour is that it is an equal combination of red and blue.

Red and Blue compliment dusky skin tones, imagine what wonders their combination can work!

Purple is the perfect party colour because of its versatile and vibrant shade. It is an adequate blend of the two most liked colours by Indian women. Style your purple saree with accessories that are dark coloured like gold and you can effortlessly flaunt a striking look.

Indian women have prominent features but often hesitate to experiment with their usual wardrobe saree collection. These colours can bring out your beauty and give you a boost to flaunt your style with perfect aplomb. Wearing a saree is all about celebrating your womanhood so why lack behind when you want to celebrate your uniqueness.

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Dusky women are just as beautiful as fair women but all you need to do is own your uniqueness and celebrate it. With this style guide experiment with your usual style and pick that saree from your wardrobe that you were hesitant to flaunt. Let your uniqueness work its magic and be a head turner every time you walk out. Explore Albeli for best saree collections at unbeatable prices.

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