Banarasi sarees are evergreen sarees and when women talk about the festive season’s ethnic wear their first choice is banarasi silk sarees. These designer sarees are crafted with intricate motifs, and thus they display class and versatility. Grandeur and elegance could be other suitable names for these luxurious sarees. 

Women are always curious to know if they can drape these lustrous sarees in different ways so that they can stand out from the crowd. Apart from choosing some differently designed banarasi silk sarees, you can also add some creative twists to make your appearance look different. All you need to do is drape these sarees differently and flawlessly and see the magic. 

Let's see what are those tips that will make everyone turn their head:  

Flaunt it with perfect and classy jewellery

A wise choice of jewellery enhances your gorgeous look further. But there arises a question: how can you wisely choose jewellery? The perfect selection of any jewellery totally depends on the occasion and the saree - its colour, design, embroidery, etc.

The first step, to know what jewellery to wear is important but the second step, how to wear it, becomes even more important. If you are looking for jewellery for sober functions, light jewellery would be fine and for the case of grand celebrations like weddings or festivals, go with the heavy necklace and heavy earrings.

With elegant banarasi sarees, women prefer to pair the heavy gold and silver jewellery mostly but the set of oxidised jewellery or bohemian jewellery can be another amazing choice to go for. Pairing the perfect jewellery with your beautiful silk saree is a great way to enhance your style. Distinctive jewellery with your shimmering saree will ultimately glorify your feminism. 

Add a belt to enhance your saree look

A belt will definitely enhance and add some glamour to your saree look. A differently styled belt can make you stand out from others but a creatively draped saree when glorified by adding a belt will make you create a signature style. Maybe you won’t believe it but the addition of a belt has created a storm in the fashion industry. 

Adding a belt with even a simple and plain saree can reflect all the perfect styling statements that a woman needs. To attain the proper look, drape your saree in a basic method and add a belt that can secure your pallu at the waist. If you think that the belt look can be ultra-modern for your traditional function then you can use Kamar bandh to make your appearance conventional. 

Carry it gracefully like a lehenga

Will you be surprised if you come to know that your banarasi saree can function exactly like a lehenga? These can be one of the fashionable styles to drape your sarees in the form of a lehenga. This trendiest way of styling the saree is actually very easy to drape. 

When one has to attend a grand wedding function, representing oneself in a royal and glam look becomes really mandatory, especially when it comes to the cases of women. The heavy gold work crafted on these sarees makes them more illustrious and exquisite, hence becoming the first choice of women. To give your saree the lehenga look, all you need to do is keep pleating the complete saree leaving some space for the pallu. Pleat the beautiful saree in this manner and display your grace.

A jacket blouse can be a great idea

You might be wondering how the jacket blouse will match up with the elegant banarasi sarees. However, the classy and jacket-like designed blouse will add more grace and charm to your look, forming a contrasting style. Many Indian designers have launched this look by doing various experiments with jackets. 

The different types of jacket blouses are- full sleeved high collared jacket blouse, short jacket blouse, belt-up the jacket blouse, etc. Apart from these, you can create a style statement by increasing or decreasing the lengths of your blouse, adding some designs in your sleeves like- puff, umbrella, fringes with tiny beads, etc. To carry this look with elegance, all you need to do is display a bright smile on your face.

Style it with a heavily embroidered blouse 

When opting for the ideal choice for weddings and festivals, nothing can beat the heavily embroidered blouses. You have to agree that a heavily embroidered blouse makes you look stylish in a subtle way. The charm of an embroidered blouse is the amount of embroidery work done over it which is done using stone, beadwork, or zari using gold and silver threads. For a more heavy appearance, you can even style it with Gota Patti work, mirror work, and stones like zircon and pearls. 

Even if your saree is plain, then also these types of blouses work wonders and add grace that will make you look amazing. The richness will be added to your personality and everyone will go wow over your looks.

Have you loved these styles?

Banarasi sarees are, no doubt, among those styling outfits that you can drape in a number of stylish ways, and with the addition of certain accessories like jewellery and blouse designs, you can enhance your persona. With the above-discussed ideas, you will not only multiply the beauty of your banarasi saree but will also set a new fashionista look to whom the people will gaze in awe.

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