India is a land known for sheer and intrinsic textiles worth all praise. The authentic craftsmanship on each textile enhances the beauty of these pure fabrics in the most delightful way. One such wonder of Indian craftsmanship is the pure Banarasi saree. A Banarasi saree holds a special place in the heart of every Indian woman. The handwoven dress material of this saree is enough to make you look like a goddess! Such authentic dress materials are celebrated for their opulent silk fabric, exquisite weaving techniques, and timeless designs. 

From sheer silk to aesthetic organza, every dress material of these Banarasi sarees has established itself as the best choice to drape. It's no lie that every woman wishes to try every dress material of Banarasi saree to see which suits them the best! And we heard you! In this blog post, we have compiled all the famous types of pure Banarasi dress materials to allow you to discover the ONE FOR YOU!‘

History of Banarasi Dress Materials 

The history of Banarasi dress materials can be traced back to the Mughal Era in the 14th century. The very first dress material that Persians introduced was Silk which was widely adorned by the Mughal Emperors. The extensive demand for Banarasi dress materials later led to the introduction of zari (gold and silver threads) and brocade weaving techniques. Generations later, many other types of fabrics emerged in the markets, which were inspired by the taste and preferences of modern women. Today, people admire famous eclectic Banarasi dress materials like Katan Silk, Georgette, Organza, Tussar, Chiffon and more.

Pure Silk

Pure Silk has been among the most luxurious and authentic dress materials of a Banarasi Saree from the time of its origin. The silk fabric is known for its smooth textures, intricate motifs, vibrant colours, and iconic gold and silver zari threads. Silk is the most flexible Banarasi dress material that can be used in sarees, salwar suits, lehenga and whatnot! This material is comparatively heavy but renders an authentic and luxurious look if draped right. 

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Pure Georgette

Pure Georgette is the dress material for those who seek a lighter alternative to silk Banarasi material. A Georgette fabric material is lightweight, flowy and looks effortlessly stunning on the wearer. Such dress materials for a Banarasi saree are adorned with floral patterns and aesthetic borders, making them perfect for every occasion. A georgette dress material is perfect for flaunting in summer and beating the heat from the warmer silks. 

Pure Katan Silk 

A pure Katan Silk is the renowned dress material for Banarasi Saree, which attracts everyone's eye for its lustrous appeal. The katan silk dress material is woven using twisted silk yarns, resulting in a textured surface. This fabric is carved with intricate motifs, including butidar patterns, janglas, and meenakari work, adding a regal touch to any outfit. A Katan silk material makes a Banarasi saree look effortlessly luxurious and glamorous.

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Pure Organza 

Organza dress material adds a modern touch to the authentic Banarasi saree. Organza is a perfect dress material for people looking for a translucent and lightweight fabric. The sheer and crisp appearance of an organza saree enhances its aesthetic appeal with minimalistic designs. This comfortable and easy-to-wear fabric gives a banarasi saree a modern and delightful touch. 

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Pure Tussar Silk 

A pure Tussar silk is another cherished dress material for crafting an iconic Banarasi saree. This fabric is commonly known as a 'wild silk' and is loved by the wearer for its subtle sheen and uniqueness in style. Tusar silk holds a natural and earthy texture that makes a simplistic saree look surprisingly luxurious. Tussar dress material is adorned with fine threadwork, a composition of eclectic colours and historical designs. 

Pure Chiffon 

Chiffon is one of the famous dress materials for sarees. It is immensely famous for its sheer, lightweight and graceful drape. Chiffon dress material, when combined with the artistry charm of Banarasi weaving, leads to the creation of an exemplary saree. A chiffon Banarasi saree exudes sophistication and elegance as it is always adorned with geometric patterns, floral designs and metallic threadwork. 

Pure Brocade 

A Brocade is a luxurious fabric known for its raised patterns, which are woven with coloured silk threads. Banarasi dress materials made from pure brocade exhibit a stunning appearance of motifs, making them a timeless choice for weddings and festive occasions. The fabric's opulence and intricacy render a royal and glamorous touch to the saree.

Pure Jamdani

A Jamdani fabric combines the beauty of a Jamdani weaving with the regal of the Banrasi Silk. Jamdani is a traditional weaving technique that originated in Bangladesh and involves creating intricate, airy patterns on fine muslin fabric. When merged with Banarasi craftsmanship, it results in a stunning ensemble. The dress material includes delicate floral motifs, intricate detailing, and sheer elegance.

Pure Dupion

If you are someone who loves to flaunt vibrant colours, then you love a Banarsi saree crafted from pure Dupion silk. Dupion is a kind of silk fabric that is known for its rich texture and the distinct charm that it adds to sarees. A Banarasi saree made from Dupion silk showcases the intricate zari work with detailed motifs. The fabric is a perfect choice for festive occasions like weddings, poojas, etc.

Pure Cotton 

Cotton is the most loved dress material for a Banarasi Saree. It is extremely comfortable and lightweight to drape and suits people looking to wear a saree in a breathable fabric. A pure cotton Banarasi dress material is versatile and can be fashioned into various styles, such as salwar suits, kurtas, and sarees, providing a blend of comfort and traditional aesthetics. It is also incorporated with eye-pleasing designs making a Banarasi saree look elegant as ever!

Bottom Line

A Banarasi saree is what it is because of its authentic and culturally driven dress materials. These fabrics are the reflection of beauty, craftsmanship and the cultural heritage of Indian textiles. From originating in the Mughal times, these dress materials have undergone drastic changes in terms of the changing taste and preferences of the wearers. Right from silk to cotton, every dress material makes a Banarsi saree look surreal and elegant! If you are thinking to shop for suit materials than visit Albeli, a popular banarasi shop in Varanasi

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