Are you familiar with organza silk? This is lightweight plain weave fabric which is pure. It signifies that the fabric is knitted in a very low density that gives rise to a transparent and a bit fragile material. Find some of the finest quality organza banarasi saree or handloom banarasi organza sarees online.

Since organza silk is transparent and extremely breathable in nature, it is widely employed for manufacturing garments that overlap heavier clothes. It is also sometimes utilized for designing several kinds of domestic fabrics.

Earlier, this fabric was entirely prepared from silk. But, the introduction of 100% synthetic materials like nylon and polyester has made it feasible to make this fabric from other base materials.

Since it is very subtle, it can’t be washed with machine. You need to wash such material with your hands, or you can get it dry cleaned.

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Process of Making Organza Silk Fabric

Stage 1: Production of materials

This process for making organza silk fabric differs on the basis of the material type from which the fabric is prepared.

Stage 2: Twisting

No matter what is employed, be it silk or synthetic fibers, step 2 involves twisting two fibers in opposing directions.

Stage 3: Combing

The fabric is combed and treated with acid. This helps in enhancing its stiffness.

Stage 4: Spinning

The resultant material undergoes the spinning process.

Stage 5: Weaving

Seam pucker, look, and toughness should be watchfully integrated for any silk or synthetic fabric to be viewed as organza.

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What Are The Major Characteristics Of Organza Silk?

Organza silk is unique and a popular alternative for many reasons. Some of them are mentioned below:


Since Organza silk is hard to handle, it usually has a firm, wire-like touch. It signifies that it gives more of an organized wrap against a lax, graceful wrap.

Light in weight

Silk organza is an extremely lightweight material, meaning it is perfect for including layers with no addition of excess bulk.


Organza silk’s weave builds up tiny, endless holes within the material. This creates the most striking transparent cloth that is ideal to use as an overlap.


The weave’s construction makes an incredibly breathable and airy textile, letting air pass through the tiny holes.

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Dresses Made Using Organza Silk Fabric

1. Organza silk Banarasi saree

This saree variety is interlaced using hands. Organza is a very common saree material among women in India. Nearly everybody likes this saree version as it is a versatile collective. It is perfect for both traditional and festive events. You can find an extensive range of styles and designs in Organza silk sarees. Organza silk Banarasi sarees are usually greatly embroidered using zari weaving on the pallu and border. Thus, they give a little majestic touch to the ensemble.

2. H-line dress

The famous designer, Christian Dior, introduced H-line dresses. These dresses signify a comparatively straight cut. You won’t get any waistline. Also, they come with a loose shape that will give you the liberty to choose the material of your preference. A black organza silk fabric can be the best choice for creating a figure-flattering straight dress.

3. Trumpet dress

This type of dress is body-hugging at the bottom and over the waist. For the bottom part of the trumpet dress, organza silk can be the best fabric option. This is because it makes volume and emphasizes the actual shape of the outfit. You can consider ruches and ruffles of different colours or of a similar colour. To provide more weightlessness and air to the look, you can make rutted layers.

4. Sheath dress

Sheath dresses are narrow in shape. They are perfect for those having a slim body. Organza silk isn’t springy; thus, it is hardly employed in these dresses. However, if you go for a looser shape, it may also work well. The layers of Organza silk will soften the shape and make an airy feeling. If you want a matchless prom dress, then pink organza can be the ideal choice.

5. Mini dress

A mini dress is anything that is above the knee. This dress is very common among younger girls. Also, many women like putting it on for a special evening. Organza silk can be an excellent choice for such a dress.

Cost of Organza

Organza fabric cost is based on the kind of cloth utilized in preparing it, and many marketing factors are involved. Since there is a steady worldwide supply of the fabric, organza is viewed as a niche fabric that might raise costs greater than the price of the actual material licenses. Check out the cost online if you want to buy a nice, lovely organza fabric saree. There are abundant pure organza silk sarees available on various platforms.

As compared to other fabrics, organza is much pricier. No matter for what purpose the fabric is utilized, it is among the priciest fabrics in the world. Also, it is among the most lavish and environment-friendly materials.

Organza Fabric Types

1. Crystal organza

Crystal organza does not come with any visible sparkles. However, it does shine.

2. Pearl Organza

Pearl organza is known for its polychromatic shade. Also, it too has a sparkle that makes it like the form of an actual pearl.  

3. Spark Organza

Spark organza fabric is known for the lively sparkles incorporated in the weave.

How Is This Fabric Impactful To The Environment?

Organza’s environmental impact is dependent upon the fabric type employed for making this cloth. Besides referring to a particular fabric, organza silk alludes to a weaving design, and the materials employed in the manufacturing process have different connections with the atmosphere.

For example, polyester and nylon are popularly assumed to adversely affect the atmosphere. Both the synthetic fabrics are derived from petroleum oil, which is a non-renewable resource in nature.


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